Goodbye anxiety

By:  LPJ

Anxiety plagued me days before my eye cataract surgery.  My left eye progressed over the years to what the eye doctor called “cloudy”.  The clouds needed to be rid of with a new lens to be implanted. Not a rare case, so I received much encouragement for the procedure from those who had it. Yet, I was anxious.

Details of the pre-op and post-op were well explained, including fasting eight hours before procedure, and the regimen of eye drops to ensure healing. Eye dropping on a rigid schedule for weeks was intimidating, I admit. But nothing really to worry about, right? I was anxious anyway. Would I be able to follow the schedule of every few hours? What if I forget – would that delay the healing of the eye, I wondered.

So, you see, hard to shake off anxiety. What really is it? The equally formidable term is worry.

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