There is a world out there, like a kaleidoscope, and no matter what color or pattern we choose to hang on to, we all are of the same fabric of creation. We try, we stumble, we learn, we get up, we cry, we laugh, and we do it all over again.

Linda P. Jacob is the owner and author of Babyboomerlola.com, a public website that offers a hodgepodge of blogs for all ages — blogs that are informative, entertaining, intriguing, nostalgic, reflective or contemplative … or just simply amusing and silly — but all shared from the heart.

Babyboomerlola’s  Philosophy

What is Babyboomerlola.com (BBL)?  It dawns on me after years of blogging and producing over 200 articles, that this website is in essence a chronicle of a hodgepodge of life’s episodes and proceedings in a delightfully and true-to-reality topsy-turvy fashion. Almost like a mirage that presents reflections in insipid ways.

A square and a rectangle each has four corners or nooks.  The world is not a square or a rectangle.  The world is a circle.  It has infinite number of corners, a nook in every part of its circumference. All nooks threaded by a common strand that runs through every life of humanity. Yes, topsy-turvy in all its variants, but steadfastly connected.

That’s what Babyboomerlola aims to show, the richness of the diversity of life — young and not so young, old and not so old, simple or complex, blatant or obscure, loudly ominous or soothingly quiet, exciting or somber, crazy yet sane. The same strand, stretched and pulled, precariously at times but, at best, innocuous to the purpose of society’s soul.  And from that, we build mutual respect and a common decency integral to the heart of humanity nurtured by the most gracious, benevolent, sovereign God.