Your descriptions of the different flowers were so vivid that i can almost imagine and smell them. I enjoyed your article Linda (Blog: Flowers in the merry month of May — they do ‘something’ to me)

Daisy Imperial Roco (Manila, Philippines)

So nice to read your blog overseas, Linda! Hope everything goes well with you. — Rachel  

Yue Zhu (Nanjing, China)

Glad that you have your blogs. I enjoy reading them as much as you enjoy writing them.

Glorietta Arcilla Ribano (Naga City, Philippines)

This lady has a blog which I visited and found it to be so pleasant, with very picturesque observations and facts. I just know you’ll like her style of writing. She is now an accomplished author of books. Please visit Babyboomerlola.com, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded.

Elmer Valenciano (San Diego, CA, USA)

I got a chance to look at your award-winning blog–you have such a moving way of writing and a very clever tagline in the top banner. It’s wonderful hearing about your adventures and experiences.

A. Nguyen (CA, USA)

Nice!  Somehow Baby Boomer Lola sounds so cool.

Maria Burkhalter Ronquillo (CA, USA)

Reading your blog will be part of my daily activity! Reading this blog (A sad recollection) makes me feel I was with you in the classroom, the bus and the church.

Lu Gaerlan (CA, USA)

I will be looking forward to reading your blogs as I am now a Lola myself of two and a viuda. Keep on posting those blogs . I enjoy reading them.

Chinita Jordana Escudero (Nevada, USA)

Hi Linda, you write with clarity and precise description that takes your reader into your world. Very entertaining articles. Love that name “Baby Boomer Lola”!

Angie Guevara (Naga City, Philippines)

I’ve read it! Interesting! What attracts me the most is Linda’s fluency of the language.

Rose Cruz (Naga City, Philippines)

How beautiful Linda – reading through your blog (and what a wonderful narrator and writer you are!) touched me in many ways and I felt like I knew you even more. Very inspirational!

Aida Habtezion (CA, USA)

I enjoy reading your blogs, Linda. Pls keep writing. Brings me memories of the past.

Daisy I. Roco (Philippines)