Poetry 3: Elusive muse on rainbow’s crest

I see enchanting rainbow in the sky
Spellbound, my imagination can fly
Fine poetry or prose I surely will try
Before colors fade in my mind’s eye

Excited, I put my thoughts in line
Nouns, verbs, adjectives combine
But not as lovely as rainbow, I pine
Muse and inspiration sadly decline

Pausing in trying I do a patient wait
To lure the elusive muse I give it a bait
A whistle, a song, a bow from the waist
Anything to avoid this poem’s sad fate

Bravely I tippy toe for a dizzying whirl
Stomp, hop, skip and polka for a twirl
A mystic rain dance for ideas to unfurl
Cajoling the muse to shine like a pearl

Up in the sky, the rainbow’s still there
Colors so bright like a fairy muse so fair
Words oozing out, must hurry to declare
This is the poem my muse gifts to share

Elusive muse rides on rainbow’s crest
Provoking thoughts of beauty at best
When the rainbow fades at God’s behest
Inspiration bestowed is amply refreshed

Linda P. Jacob

Silliness edged with nostalgia equates to a lovely, quirky mini reunion

By:  LPJ

I had a most enjoyable impromptu get-together with two of my high school classmates last week. Three golden girls reminiscing about our youth’s golden years. It couldn’t have been more fun, or even more nostalgic. After 50+ years with Leonora (Nora) Badong Sumangil, and 9+ years with Iluminada (Luming) Gaerlan, time couldn’t have been kinder.  I quickly recognized them; they seemed to look as young.  I just hope they think the same of me (Nora did say on our group chat that I had the “same cute dimples and signature hairdo; and Luming had the same sweet smile”). I’m happy with that report. Silly, isn’t it?

More silliness – Luming triumphantly quipped that she still is taller than Nora, recalling that in high school, we routinely formed a line starting with the shortest in front, to the tallest at the back. Nora stood in front of her.  No disagreement there.  [Casual Addendum – message received from Nora all the way from Florida soon after this blog was posted – she strongly disagrees: she’s a tad taller than Luming, she insists.]

Because of this, I am so hyped up to attend our high school batch reunion at the University of Santa Isabel in Naga, Philippines come February next year. There’ll be more of this kind of banter, and more sentimental flashbacks as well.

And more endearing silliness from golden girls, maybe.

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Fun and heartwarming family bonding at enchanting Hermosa Beach

By:  LPJ

An advanced Mother’s Day treat, I’d like to think. Can’t say enough about how lovely and enjoyable my vacation was with my family.  Lazing it out on the beach on a fabulous  spring day is unmatched.  Especially when spending the time with family.

My son John, daughter-in-law Natasha, grandson Eliott favored me with a very special treat by taking me to Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, for a week’s visit with my daughter Joy and son-in-law Matt. Hermosa Beach is a charming home-townish community sandwiched between Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach in Los Angeles. Hermosa Beach somehow has retained the simple, more laid-back, down-to-earth ambience so much more conducive to comfortable relaxation, sans the hassle and glitter of a commercialized tourist resort (like its close neighbor, Manhattan Beach).  Don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t complain if someone gave me the gift of a week’s stay at Manhattan Beach. But I was perfectly happy with my grandiose vacation with my family at Joy and  Matt’s Hermosa Beach home just a block and a half from the shore.

Fun, heartwarming, magnificent, perfect just about sum it all.

The perks of our Hermosa Beach vacation [Photos by Joy Jacob Rosenburg (1); Eliott Nathaniel Jacob (2); John Stanley Jacob (3)]

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