Elegant dining in the midst of chugs from passing trains


It couldn’t have been a more delightful belated birthday celebration than what we had last Sunday, for my son John’s 50th. Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine in Menlo Park, CA did not disappoint. A fancy restaurant with flashy décor inside and a large balcony seating facing the railroad and train depot, Farmhouse enjoys the ambience of industrial hubbub, and yet the comfortable elegance of an upscale establishment. The choo-choos and chug-chugs from passing trains pepped the characteristic charm of the place.

And of course, the cuisine was exquisite. The flavors were intensely gratifying. The artistic presentation did whet the appetite. When items on the menu are all so enticing, choosing is never easy. Such was the case at that dinner. But we had to pick, and we made the right choices.

(Photos by John S. Jacob)

Lobster Pad Thai

Yellow curry with pork belly

White and blue jasmine rice

Beef 24 hour noodle soup

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Mother’s Day, a wellspring of emotions


Mother’s Day, in my esteem, is one of the most emotional celebrations of humanity.  Whether you’re a mother, or you think of your own or of other mothers – the thoughts converge on one basic thing, and that’s love.  Let me add another significant component — selfless giving.

I postulate that likely we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day without shedding a tear.  If we remember our own Mom who has gone to be with the Lord, surely, the flood of memories will incite sentiments ranging from sadness to cheer.  Even the happy memories will surge tears of joy.  If you’re celebrating your own motherhood, you’ll regale in flashbacks of childbirth and precious years of devotedly raising your children.  If your children are grown, nostalgic tears will shine your cheeks.  When your doorbell rings for some delivered bouquet or care package, you can’t help but smile with a tear or two, thanking God that your child remembered.  And if you celebrate other mothers, your appreciation for their toil and sacrifice will remind you of your Mom or your own experience so very dear to you.

So, back to my hypothesis – you can’t celebrate Mother’s Day without shedding a tear.

A Mother’s Day gift from my daughter Joy — simple, practical — and loving

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