Reflections from my recent Philippine travel

By:  LPJ

In retrospect, the heart of my wonderful Philippine vacation from late January to early March this year was the bonding with family, relatives and friends. The parties, meet-ups over exquisite food, touristy activities and even the restful moments in between frenzied schedules were triggers of fun and sources of entertainment and enjoyment. Yet, they pale against the catching up, lively chats, pleasurable conversations and precious times spent with dear ones.  In a capsule —  the special bonding.

The truth is, my hectic travels were motivated by the intent to visit as many kinsfolk as possible. And of course, they live in different cities and provinces.  During my vacation travels, I was blessed by one very close to me, my Mama’s younger sister, Auntie Rosie Manuel Cruz (widow of Eng. Ben Cruz).  She is a most gracious and efficient host.  Her home in Naga is a favorite go-to place for visits by relatives from the Philippines and abroad.  During my stay in her home (along with my brother Tzetzu, his wife Rorie, nieces and nephews), never was there a dull moment.  In the middle of lively conversations, she would tell Amazon’s Alexa to turn on music.  Auntie Rosie loves music, and her choices are perfect.  My type!  Auntie Rosie is our Manuel matriarch in the Philippines, a model of vibrancy, pleasant outlook and wise disposition, and especially, of genuine caring.

Something else claimed special sidelights of my trip.

My Auntie Rosie and I in front of a vista point in Legazpi (Photo by Melodee Isaguirre)

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