My recollections of Lolo/Grandfather on Father’s Day

By:  LPJ

Strange and amazing how one picture can stir up remarkable recollections. This one did, one posted by my Auntie Rose Cruz on Facebook as part of her Father’s Day tribute to her father.  Wenceslao Manuel Sr., my Lolo (Grandfather) on my mother’s side. Upon seeing his photo, I was immediately transported to another time, another age, just out of the sixth grade.

It was a sultry summer in the farm called Auayan (or Awayan) in the Bicol Region, Philippines. An expansive agricultural land of gentle rolling hills both sides of a railroad track.  While the west portion was populated with coconut groves, the eastern areas were heavily spotted with rice fields and orchards bordered by a river whose green waters snake between thin strips of sandy shores.  I’m trying to pierce my memory for the reason why that summer stood out for me.  For one, I just graduated from elementary, and was taking a respite before gearing up for high school.  But no, that wasn’t the reason for that remarkable summer.

I stare at Lolo’s picture again, and memories flood back, almost like a movie reel progressing in spectacular panoramic color.  Center of the flashback is Lolo, with Lola at his side, seated at his usual spot in front of the large farmhouse window equipped with panels laden with little squares each framing old, shiny white Capiz shells; the panels, always slid aside to let the breeze flow into the expansive square house of rare, sturdy native wood, some yakal, some molave.

But why, again, was that summer so important to me then, and even now?

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A glorious Father’s Day

First, a most respectful Father’s Day greeting to the Father of us all — Our Father God, the source of true love.

Then, Happy Father’s Day to fathers everywhere — and our gratitude for their loving and steadfast care.

A wonderful vision — fathers in heaven being celebrated by the One great Father of All — and an endearing thought: they are looking down as they fervently pray for God’s blessings on the fathers on earth and their families.  What a glorious thought.

Really … it’s all about love, Father God’s love, in His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit, for all of us, His children.

Again, Happy Father’s Day on this glorious day!  —   lpj

A fun Saturday enjoyed vicariously

It’s an awesomely lovely Saturday, and I’m not out enjoying the California sun. Not a bit bothered by this, because as I write this blog, from my mezzanine, I am happily looking through the large window above my patio glass doors and observe normal but interesting activities in front of my front lawn – pedestrians leisurely walking and pausing in the shade of the towering trees outside; cyclists with family members, chatting abandonly as they maneuver their bikes on the street sparse of cars driving by; the regular trek of a dog owner only this time, the dog is without a mask; the sweet elderly couple ambling carefully on the pedestrian lane.  And yes, the delicate-stemmed yellow daisy bushes across the street just lazily dancing with the light breeze.  Oh, what a glorious day – and I’m definitely enjoying it from indoors.

But wait – I check Facebook postings from my son and daughter to see what they’re up to at this moment.  My vicarious enjoyment of the day continues.  There’s more to take pleasure in.  I delight in beautiful pictures of Laguna Beach/LA, and starkly attractive photos of San Carlos Beach at Monterey. I am in for a big treat!

Jackson sitting contentedly at Laguna Beach/LA, CA

Burt enjoying his first kayaking experience at Monterey, CA.

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