A fun Saturday enjoyed vicariously

It’s an awesomely lovely Saturday, and I’m not out enjoying the California sun. Not a bit bothered by this, because as I write this blog, from my mezzanine, I am happily looking through the large window above my patio glass doors and observe normal but interesting activities in front of my front lawn – pedestrians leisurely walking and pausing in the shade of the towering trees outside; cyclists with family members, chatting abandonly as they maneuver their bikes on the street sparse of cars driving by; the regular trek of a dog owner only this time, the dog is without a mask; the sweet elderly couple ambling carefully on the pedestrian lane.  And yes, the delicate-stemmed yellow daisy bushes across the street just lazily dancing with the light breeze.  Oh, what a glorious day – and I’m definitely enjoying it from indoors.

But wait – I check Facebook postings from my son and daughter to see what they’re up to at this moment.  My vicarious enjoyment of the day continues.  There’s more to take pleasure in.  I delight in beautiful pictures of Laguna Beach/LA, and starkly attractive photos of San Carlos Beach at Monterey. I am in for a big treat!

Jackson sitting contentedly at Laguna Beach/LA, CA

Burt enjoying his first kayaking experience at Monterey, CA.

My daughter Joy and her husband Matt staked their spot on the white sand, and under a wide umbrella, are soaking in the perfect harmony of the gentle ocean waves underneath a clear blue sky, with their German Shepherd sitting tall and contentedly by their side. I see crystal reflections from the white sand, and I feel my fingers itching to comb through the tiny grains, likely hot from the sunbeams.  Other wide colorful umbrellas spot the beach like sporadic polka dots; only, the dots have reclining figures underneath them. The shy waves form delicate foamy laces on the edge of the shore – at this point, I want to stretch my toes and let the sandy water gurgle through them.  I can feel in my imaginative senses that the rushing flow is tingly cold on my feet, despite the glaring sun.

Then I turn to my son’s photos and video.  John, his wife Natasha and their son Eliott, are kayaking through less gentle but comfortably rhythmic blue waves matched by an equally blue sky at Monterey. John and Eliott in one kayak, and Natasha and the family pet dog Burt in another – each kayak gliding and teasingly overtaking the other, and lightly bumping the other.  Watching the video and listening to the wind loudly whispering over the waves spur my strong desire to play there, too. But never  mind, I thought.  I’m thoroughly enjoying just viewing the pictures and watching the video.

Adding to the delight of this lovely Saturday – my grandson Eliott called me on Facetime to show me their activity on the water and the surroundings on the horizon.  Civilization didn’t seem too far.  So, I figure, my son, daughter-in-law and grandson will soon be patronizing one of those seafood restaurants that I imagine, enticingly line the shore.  Hmmm … I want fish and chips right now.  That, unfortunately, I cannot enjoy vicariously.  My vibrant imagination does not stretch to my taste buds.  But never mind, I have fish in my freezer that I can later tempura.

So you see, I have a lot of vicarious fun today.

Happy, delightful weekend, everyone!  If you cannot be where you want to be – try enjoying vicariously.  It’s fun, too!

Linda P. Jacob

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