Mother’s Day, a wellspring of emotions


Mother’s Day, in my esteem, is one of the most emotional celebrations of humanity.  Whether you’re a mother, or you think of your own or of other mothers – the thoughts converge on one basic thing, and that’s love.  Let me add another significant component — selfless giving.

I postulate that likely we don’t celebrate Mother’s Day without shedding a tear.  If we remember our own Mom who has gone to be with the Lord, surely, the flood of memories will incite sentiments ranging from sadness to cheer.  Even the happy memories will surge tears of joy.  If you’re celebrating your own motherhood, you’ll regale in flashbacks of childbirth and precious years of devotedly raising your children.  If your children are grown, nostalgic tears will shine your cheeks.  When your doorbell rings for some delivered bouquet or care package, you can’t help but smile with a tear or two, thanking God that your child remembered.  And if you celebrate other mothers, your appreciation for their toil and sacrifice will remind you of your Mom or your own experience so very dear to you.

So, back to my hypothesis – you can’t celebrate Mother’s Day without shedding a tear.

A Mother’s Day gift from my daughter Joy — simple, practical — and loving

Two days ago, I received an early Mother’s Day gift from my daughter Joy. A bit of a quirky story behind this gift. Recently I told my daughter that I have a hard time trying to remedy a deep wrinkle running across my forehead no matter how much moisturizer I rub on it.  She advised that a foliating cream with vitamin C might work better.  Of course, I don’t frequent beauty salons or stores to look for facials, so I thought, I’d just keep her advice at the back of my head.  The next day, I found a rectangular box outside my door soon after the Amazon van drove away.  So thoughtful, indeed! My little girl now in her 40’s cares so much about the deep line on my forehead – but really, she cares very much for me!  So touched and delighted, I immediately posted a photo of the gift box on Facebook. I have received scores of reaction comments the gist of which is, how sweet and loving of a gesture that is, for Mother’s Day.

Gifts, flowers, chocolates or exquisite dinners are nice – but they are not the only ways to express love for a mother.  Just yesterday, I spoke early in the morning with my son John about a recent bout of muscle spasms I had the night before.  He was much concerned and suggested I call a nearby service for medical appointments if he cannot get to me faster, since he and his family live a distance away.  After minutes of discussing my health and before hanging up, he said to me at least a couple of times – I love you Mom!  Despite my body aches, I heard music in my ears!  Saying that to a mother anytime is like Mother’s Day every time.

I want to celebrate my daughter-in-law Natasha, a most caring, diligent and loving Mom to her son Eliott, my grandson, almost 14 this July.

Of course, I remember my dearest Mama now playing with the angels in heaven – I feel the vibes of her love all the time.  Love is timeless, after all.

And to all the MOTHERS out there, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Just keep loving your children.

Linda P. Jacob

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