Poetry 3: Elusive muse on rainbow’s crest

I see enchanting rainbow in the sky
Spellbound, my imagination can fly
Fine poetry or prose I surely will try
Before colors fade in my mind’s eye

Excited, I put my thoughts in line
Nouns, verbs, adjectives combine
But not as lovely as rainbow, I pine
Muse and inspiration sadly decline

Pausing in trying I do a patient wait
To lure the elusive muse I give it a bait
A whistle, a song, a bow from the waist
Anything to avoid this poem’s sad fate

Bravely I tippy toe for a dizzying whirl
Stomp, hop, skip and polka for a twirl
A mystic rain dance for ideas to unfurl
Cajoling the muse to shine like a pearl

Up in the sky, the rainbow’s still there
Colors so bright like a fairy muse so fair
Words oozing out, must hurry to declare
This is the poem my muse gifts to share

Elusive muse rides on rainbow’s crest
Provoking thoughts of beauty at best
When the rainbow fades at God’s behest
Inspiration bestowed is amply refreshed

Linda P. Jacob

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