Intimidated by technology

What is it about the invading tech world that many (generally speaking) of my generation fear, refuse to learn or grapple with, ignore, or not have anything to do with. I may be among the brave few who use and depend on computers for regular work. But don’t ask me to troubleshoot a technical glitch. I’d rather leave that to the much appreciated and revered IT department. I probably could resolve the bug if I put my mind to it; but no … I decide that the IT person can do a better job. I don’t tinker with the fledging gadget because I cling to the crazy notion that the machine might either blow up in my face or completely break down. Silly, but I don’t dare risk it.

And guess what! This new website? I probably could have figured out how to establish and launch it – but no, I had to ask my millennial niece to design and create the site for me, because I’m convinced, she’s better equipped with computer technical skills and importantly, with courage. Technology doesn’t faze her. I admire that because honestly, it intimidates me. I just write the blogs. My gifted niece, May, built the structure of the web house; my words live in it.

Technology is moving too fast, and boomers are striving to catch up; some have been left behind. Others are stumbling on the way. And others gawk at Facebook and think it’s a marvel, a mystery, a miracle … or utter waste of time.

My fellow baby boomers and non-boomers, I hope that you don’t think my site is a waste of time. I invite you to join me in delighting in the wonders of technology that create, among mounds of other things, a venue for expression, appreciation, observation, sharing and contemplation. Welcome to!

Linda P. Jacob