Rainy day blues bring out food cravings

This is the rainiest December that I know in all my vacationing in the Philippines. December 2017 is not at all like last year’s when it was warm and feeling almost like summer. The upside is the temperature is definitely a bit cooler, perhaps much too colder for regular residents. The breeze is extra delightful, especially because the grown bamboo, mango, guava and citrus trees in the garden fan the air with a balmy freshness. Nearby is a small mountain of thick vegetation that further fans the breeze.

It has started to rain again just now. I enjoy the lulling pitter-patter on the ground and the tiled balcony floor outside. It makes me want to take a nap – but not just yet, lunch is almost to be served. I think I would love the champorrado (chocolate flavored thick and lightly sweetened porridge) from yesterday’s breakfast. It was a hit; so there mustn’t be any more left. And with the champorrado, I would have chosen the tuyo (salted dried herring) – that, too, all gone, a definite favorite with the champorrado.

Today, we’re having some of the dinuguan (a pork delicacy of pig’s intestines cooked in pork blood thickened to perfection for a savory sauce), a signature dish of the house chef. I would want puto (rice cake) with the saucy dinuguan, but that, too, is gone, from last weekend’s commemoration of Mama’s 40th death day. Or perhaps, the pancit canton or lightly spiced sotanghon (long noodles) that everyone gushed over at the gathering. With that, a tall glass of iced root beer or Cola; that would be superb.  Ah, to top it all, I would like to have some of Sir Dodong’s light brown, crispy skinned lechon (roasted pig) from last weekend’s commemoration.  But that, too, all gone in a jiffy.

I started blogging about the weather and end up writing about food. I guess, weather and food collute to complete the scenario. I mustn’t forget – at today’s lunch, there also are camote tops (yam leaves) boiled with onions and tomatoes for a simple, healthy soup. That, for lunch, is my best fare. I can eat as much as I want and not feel bloated or guilty. So there, I’m happily back to a monk’s meal of camote tops, on a windy, rainy day in Los Banos, Laguna.

Linda P. Jacob

2 thoughts on “Rainy day blues bring out food cravings

  1. Thinking of you today dear Linda, as I wrap my books up for Christmas presents for all the little ones in my family. I thank you for inspiring me to get them to print! You have touched my life greatly.

  2. Hi Linda,
    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. This is an answer to my every day prayers for you. Marion and I laughed all the way thru your blog.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all of your family!!
    Tom & Marion