Snippets, teasers and cliffhangers

Jet lag – for me, it happens not upon arrival at the destination but upon arrival back at the place of origin. Why is that? When traveling through different time zones, the destination gets no jet lag. The body clock doesn’t seem to need any adjustment. Doesn’t the body recognize the difference there? But upon return to the place of origin, the body stresses over the time difference when, in fact, that’s always been what it had been used to before. Or, is the body just tired from all that traveling. Hmmm … the jet lag lags.

I opened my refrigerator to reach for a snack and settled on cold spaghetti. I teetered between microwave or stove heating – but decided to eat it cold, with the rich tomato sauce curdled around the noodles. It was really good! Didn’t need any heating. The coldness gave it a fresh snack-like zing. I ate it all. The problem is, that was my dinner – not my snack. Oh well, I looked at it as early dinner, or, I simply skipped dinner. I got peachy full anyway.

Try cold spaghetti – it’s awesome!

When I got back from a long trip, I went without television for a week. Didn’t miss it. Just wanted the quiet to rest from a seven-week travel. In fact, I wasn’t aware that I actually didn’t have the TV on. Then one day, I realized the house was too quiet. I wanted music from the arts and music channel that I usually listen to as I do chores. I happened to turn on the news station instead. The news interested me – had something to do with the government shutdown and senators haggling over compromise issues. I listened for a while and continued on with my chores while leaving an ear tuned to the news and commentaries. Since then, I’ve had the TV on whenever I’m home. The habit’s back.

Today, the chatter in the box isn’t restful … sort of annoying, in fact. Perhaps, I should consider having just that quiet back. Forget about the problems of the world.

I finally caved in. I’ve always said I will never use a complicated phone (i.e. Smart phone) – but one that I can simply call out from and receive calls on. Last week I got a Smart phone from my family as a belated birthday and Christmas gift (since I was away during my birthday and the holidays). The gift excited me so much that I forgot my previous resolve. Immediately, I wanted to learn the new gadget. That was a week ago and today, I can use it with some comfort and ease, not to mention a pat on the back for learning it quickly. Pretty good, huh, for one who said “never” and “couldn’t” learn it.

I’m a baby boomer, right? A misconception, a misunderstanding, or a pretense — baby boomers are slow to learn technology – rather, resist technology – and refuse to learn new things. Not! I like learning new stuff on the computer, and I enjoy googling, and I’m excited about my website. This really is what the baby boomers are – we love to take up challenges, love to learn, love a good read, love technology, and love our Smart phones. So, young folks – we’re on!

So, to my family (especially to my son and daughter) – thank you for drawing me in to the world of high tech communication – thank you for my Smart phone! My earlier resistance? Blame it on age. Not!

While eating my fish sandwich and fries at the department store, I spotted an adult couple sneaking a kiss while waiting for their turn by the cashier’s counter. There was another peck, and then, a long and passionate one. I haven’t seen this romantic exchange in a public place for a long while now. Thus, it seemed a rarity that definitely caught my attention, and perhaps, others’, too.

I was tempted to create imaginary stories behind those kisses, like it was a kiss of reconciliation, or the lady’s thank you for a dream gift from her man, or a response to “you look lovely today”, or “you’re the handsomest guy in the store”. But I quickly chose not to tarnish the purity of the gesture obviously prompted by loving impulse. So, let’s leave at that, a passionate kiss in a crowded department store.

My home landline hasn’t worked for nearly three weeks now. That all started when rains continued to pour for two to three days in the area. Three phone techs had come. They seriously tried to solve the problem, all unsuccessfully.

I need my landline, despite the fact that my children recently gifted me with a Smart phone. The problem is, the Smart phone can’t stay behind at home while I’m off to work or to anywhere else. So now, I’m bummed because my landline doesn’t work. It’s my efficient assistant; it records messages when I’m not home. I can’t give it up just because I now have Smart. What am I to do?

Linda P. Jacob