Graduation – a triumphant passage to the next adventure in life’s journey

Transitions convey anticipation and excitement and, often, a triumphant sense of achievement. At the same time, they prompt some wonder of what lies ahead and how one can ride new challenges. Graduation goads transition that specifically highlights passage to the next stage, the next adventure, the next milestone.

I take exception from not mentioning names in my blogs with these congratulatory blurbs for certain individuals.

My niece, May Gordoncillo Payabyab, my web consultant, is graduating next week with a degree in Master of Arts in Communication Research from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Years of careful and thoughtful work in completing her thesis centered on new media have brought her fresh and deeper insights into the influence and confluence of technology on mass communication. Like anyone about to embark on new ventures, May eyeballs various possibilities and opportunities, recognizing that narrowing down to a career direction hinges on how well and how much she knows herself. I wish her the best.

My best wishes, too, for Sophia Pandes, daughter of a nephew. Having graduated from high school, she eagerly looks forward to traveling the road to higher education and pursue interior design in the Fine Arts Department of the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. She is an artist with a unique flair for colors, symmetry and symbolism. I have seen some of her works, and have been impressed by such young talent.

Congratulations also go to Gabriel Pandes Tan, my niece’s oldest child, moving on to high school with anticipation for the challenges of youth in the scholastic and non-academic world. Immersed in the evolution from childhood to teens, Iggy, as family members fondly call him, is eager to face the next stage in his education, to face new discoveries and knowledge. His playfulness, sometimes misconstrued by adults as distraction, provides him the lightheartedness and buoyancy of confronting daunting tasks and assignments. He’ll be fine.

And there’s Jacob Bennett, a young man with eyes to the future, yet trying to decipher his niche for his multi talents and gifts. After high school, he has opted to study at Virginia Tech.

So, I say to these graduates, face what’s ahead with optimism and confidence, but stay on the path of steadfastness and purpose. Hold fast to your values. And remember, there’s always One who truly is in charge and knows what’s best.

Linda P. Jacob