The audacity of asking – have you been vaccinated?

Very common question – have you been vaccinated?  Likely for some, the curiosity is audacious.  But the audacity has its purpose.  Since the trend leans toward striving to move toward a semblance of normalcy, it remains of importance that the pseudo-normalcy infers health precautions and pursuance of safety measures.  Just plain sensible and sensitive.

Admittedly, I find myself audacious – yes, because I tend to inquire of those I’d like to invite to a small gathering for a birthday celebration at home – have you been vaccinated?  Much as I desire more friends to attend, I bear in mind the wellbeing of my guests (and myself included).  But also imperative is the safety of those not yet vaccinated. Those of us who have been administered two doses of the vaccine wisely choose to be considerate of those who haven’t, specifically, not incur the possibility of carrying the virus strain to those not vaccinated (or vice versa as well).

Be it for a gathering indoors or outdoors, the audacious question pops up.

Fresh vegetables from an LA market remind me of what I need to get for the birthday celebration at home (Photo by Matt Rosenburg)

My cousin Monette’s family outing on the mountain slopes of Baao, Camarines Sur, Philippines – don’t we wish for something or more like this? (Photo by Monette Cruz Valencia)

Reports indicate that only one-third of the US population has so far received the corona virus vaccine.  With the recent decision of the CDC to resume the Johnson & Johnson after a precautionary pause, and with the continuance of accelerated distribution of the Pfizer and Moderna supplies, the rate of public vaccination does not seem to step up as expected or desired.  Of course, everyone has the freedom to choose to be vaccinated or not.  Personally, I believe the wisdom of protecting one’s health is paramount, and so is protecting loved ones and others around.

Weeks from now is a small gathering at home, and I am considering inviting a few more to celebrate in conservative ways someone’s milestone.  With recent trends, small celebrations within the pandemic guidelines are allowed.  As in most gatherings, food, next to company, is the draw.  My guests and I look forward to showcasing our favorite dish in the potluck. Meeting in celebration outside of work is an opportunity that we welcome.  Socializing in relaxed fashion is refreshing to our outlook and disposition.  Having gone through health restrictions and constraint for over a year, we are inclined to experience the new openness in an eased up environment, and what better way to do this than in a birthday party, a celebration of life guided through precautionary measures in these pandemic times.

Thus, the audacity of asking a few more friends – “Have you been vaccinated?  If you have, you’re invited to join the birthday party at home.”

Audacious or not – it’s the wisdom called for by the times.

Linda P. Jacob

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