Poetry 2: Dearie, it’s Valentine

Cottony clouds sailing the azure sky

Wait, here’s my request before you fly by

Whip bits of you around a honeyed stick

Shimmering white cotton candy for a gift

You’re too far away beyond my reach

Hear me before the sun beams shift

[Snow white cotton candy in the sky — Photo by Nikki Gordoncillo Arellano]

No, no, not for me but for one I love

Fancying the gluey cotton candy whirl

He’ll nuzzle his nose against your fluff

Flush his cheeks with the mist of your swirl

Savor its faint nectar and cooing like a dove

Sniff its whiff, convinced it’s no bluff


My love isn’t here, but in the realm above

Meet him at the crux of rainbow’s bend

Where purple and orange kiss at horizon’s end

Snow white cotton candy with sparkle and shine

Leave it on the cusp of his outstretched hand

While chiming sweet dearie, it’s Valentine


In heavenly realm he’ll relish with delight

Soft cotton candy textured in feathery shroud

God made gladly in the frivolity of His might

Saints and angels sing praises to the Divine

Jubilantly refraining with music so loud

Celebrate love and joy old boy, it’s Valentine


Linda P. Jacob

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