Act on our compassion and gratitude

Dire effects of disasters and calamities in various locations tug at our hearts. Thousands of families are suffering. When a sector of the population is hurting, we all are. A thread runs through humanity and connects us all. We cannot turn a deaf ear or look away. Stark photos and dismal news of misery confront us every day. It’s true, we never abandon the hope that circumstances will get better, that a brighter tomorrow will dawn. But for that tomorrow, now is the time to extend a helping hand. Several organizations in the communities facilitate donations. Google them for addresses, or watch for their announcements and reminders in the media.

Think about neighbors in need, though they’re distances away – they’re part of our larger family. That thread running through humanity – it envelops us, too. Follow our heart, and act on our compassion.

It would be commendable to take pause and express appreciation to those who risk their lives to save and help others. What would be encouraging would be a note or gesture of gratitude to firefighters, police officers, soldiers, volunteers and other responders many of whom may be victims of disasters themselves. They, too, are part of our larger family, striving to make our world a better place.

Linda P. Jacob