Sharing good news and reflections about Babyboomerlola on its 1st anniversary turns one year old this month. It’s been an interesting journey with intriguing surprises for me. In writing my blogs, I learned to be more transparent about my thoughts, feelings, expectations and observations. Sharing my reflections and memories wasn’t easy at first, I must confess. There was this little voice in me that wanted to dominate, telling me that the “world” does not have to know my opinions, thinking, or experiences, and that I could very well convey stories about others, but not about myself.

The compromise is, not every blog is about me, I argued with that little voice. Though I agree that my blogs mirror my perception of happenings or events – and that’s where “me” comes into the picture. I admit, it took a little while to be comfortable with this. Sharing my thoughts, feelings and memories is letting you into my world. Hopefully, you’ll agree, that when you engage in my world – I engage in yours, too. And when we “connect”, this world becomes a “small world”. And that’s what I love about Babyboomerlola, it’s not just my creative outlet – it’s also a venue to connect.  To date, this site carries 61 blogs plus the sidebar.

So, Babyboomerlola viewers – I thank you all. I look forward to many years of reaching out in various fashion of relating and sharing – serious as well as funny stories; wise and sensitive, as well as ridiculous and foolish ones; sad and pensive, as well as heartwarming and comforting; entertaining as well as intriguing. In the plethora of blogs, there must be at least one that closely relates to you, that touches a sensitive nerve that makes you cry or laugh or cringe. And when that one blog does, I hope it flies you on your own magic carpet of memories. Delight in the reminiscences, remember fondly people dear to you gone and present, devote attention to loved ones near and far, find humor in the nooks and crannies of life, love genuinely, live with wisdom as well as gratitude for the One who gave you life. Laugh more often, and smile more generously. If Babyboomerlola can help attain any of these for you, then my heart is filled with thankfulness cradled in the encouragement that comes from you and the One that I always aim to please.

Allow me to share some good news about Babyboomerlola from its first year of existence. I get daily reports of readership and views from the host domain. This site, to date, has been blessed with viewers from 21 countries. A great majority are in the United Sites and Philippines. Others, in modest numbers, come from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, India, Slovenia, Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Ghana, Ethiopia. While aware that views do not necessarily equate to the actual number of people who read my blogs, the numbers still bestow the inspiration and motivation for me to write for I sure hope that you would keep Babyboomerlola on your regular read list.

I do not boast of my growing readership or views engaged from various countries. On the contrary, I feel humbled that this site matters to many, and I thank you. I also thank my web consultant, May Gordoncillo Payabyab, a communications/media expert, for her valuable advice and help on the technical aspects of this domain. I especially thank the One, my greatest source of inspiration and encouragement, my teacher, mentor and counselor, Him whom I fondly call My Abba. I’m a Lola to the world, but I’m a child to Him. And this child is ever grateful.

Linda P. Jacob